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Design is everywhere, there are very few objects around us that have not been designed and imagined before. Design includes a multitude of factors, it is partly a technical and scientific discipline, partly sociological and humanistic. Design is the link between engineering and art, between invention and style, production and the market. Much more simply, design is made of the relationship between objects and people.


"Design adds value faster than it adds cost". - Joel Spolsky


Your brand is your business, both for your customers and for your team. It tells the story of who you are, why you exist and how you act. To do it brilliantly, you need a brand based on a story, a well-defined personality that is future proof. Work with me to create your identity and build an image that will grow your business in an ever-changing world. - Search, find,! the marketplace for smart business!

Unlock your earning potential by renting out your underutilized items. Or fulfill short-term needs by hiring equipment from the community.

Fully Responsive Web Sites

To grow in the digital world you need an intuitive website that can be viewed on all devices and that it has a great visual impact. For this reason, I don't stop until I fully understand the personality, the market and the vision of my clients. This helps me to produce innovative, modern and professional looking solutions.

Shopify E-commerce

I create a complete store for you with bespoke graphics and the power of Shopify, the world leader in e-commerce. With its intuitive tools you can grow your business, find new customers and generate sales in the blink of an eye. I will remain at your complete disposal before, during and even after the creation of the site to offer you assistance at any time.

SEO Strategy

Combine the creation of your website with a 360-degree digital strategy. With the improvement of the SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, you will be able to ensure a privileged position against your competitors on search engines. SEO is an indispensable investment to bring tangible results to your website, increase its visibility, generate sales and increase your return on investment. Increase your visibility and start getting noticed.

High-lighted Projects:

A strong name and logo can help keep your company in the minds of your customers but an excellent product and service coupled with a strong and distinctive image can help you become unforgettable.

My Story

I'm Adriano Piccinini, designer from Rome. I am 34 years old and have lived in London for over 13 years. After a fashion degree from London College of Fashion, I worked for Adidas and VivoBarefoot as a sneaker designer before starting my freelance career.

Since 2015, with AP-Pro I aim to go beyond the boundaries of art and branding with the aim of creating a synergy between companies and their customers. Over the years I have worked with artists, programmers and collaborators for companies of various sectors and sizes in Italy, China, Germany, Spain and Great Britain. I am based in Rome, but I work with clients from all over the world.

AP-Pro is an independent multidisciplinary design studio

Who I worked with:

My Partners:

What they think about Me:

Asher Clark


One of the most gifted young designers
I ever worked with.  A true creative and good friend

Shanee B.

Product Designer

Adriano is one of those creative souls that redefines design, you can always count on him to bring new elements to the project that have yet to be seen.

George Singer


Adriano eats, breathes and sleeps design.